YES! We ARE on Price Comparison Websites

20 Apr 2020

From time-to-time, we occasionally read social media chatter claiming Outfox the Market and our tariffs are not displayed on price comparison websites – such as or

This can knock some people’s confidence and may make them reluctant to switch.

It’s understandable…

It's a thumbs up from the Fox

Here’s a company claiming to have some of, if not the cheapest prices in the UK, yet if I do a comparison they do not appear?

  • How can I be certain that what they are saying is true if I can’t compare them to my existing supplier?
  • Are they even a proper supplier?

These are all valid concerns but for one very important thing. Our tariffs are displayed on all major price comparison websites.

Cha Ching

A bit about Price Comparison Websites.

Over 11 million, of us use price comparison websites. They provide a quick and easy way for customers to compare deals on their utilities, broadband and all sorts of insurance and mobile phone deals.

It saves trawling the entire internet getting quotes from a host of different companies. Pop your details in and bam! Everything is displayed for your choosing in a matter of seconds.

Switching energy supplier directly

Now for the important bit. Like all companies, price comparison websites exist to make money and there is nothing wrong with that. They spend millions of pounds a year competing with similar sites to make you choose them as your go-to website.

It's all about the money!

Show me the money

A large part of their revenue comes from commission. In energy, they have commercial arrangements with a number of suppliers and will receive money for every customer that switches directly on their site.

Again, absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s just that as it stands, we do not pay price comparison websites commission. It’s one of the reasons that our prices are cheaper than companies who do. Somebody has to pay for that commission and to be blunt – it is you the customer with the commission being clawed back within the price of the tariff.

Price comparison websites use a range of mechanisms to increase the visibility of the tariffs and the companies they have a partnership with. Obviously, it is in the interests of the PCW to promote the brands and tariffs they are going to get paid for.

Once again, this is wholly understandable and fair…but this is why sometimes – some people think we are not on price comparison websites.

So where are you then?

I spy with my little...

To find Outfox the Market and other suppliers who don’t pay commission, you’ll just need to look a little bit further and the good news is, once you do, you’ll find far cheaper prices than the promoted ones. You won’t be able to switch directly, but a quick Google of the company will take you directly to their website. A few seconds effort for greater reward.

Using as an example – below is our step-by-step guide to finding the deals that could save you more money.

Nearly there
Hold your horses
By jove we did it