It's time to pay less for your energy!

31 Mar 2020

How Much Could Outfox the Market Save You?

With everyone stuck at home during the Coronavirus outbreak, it is inevitable that our energy costs are going to increase. The telly is on a lot more, you’ll be cooking more and now the weather has got a bit colder again – it’s hard not to bang the heating on. You can find some tips to keep this to a minimum here.

While it is important to be as energy efficient as possible it is vital to make sure you are not paying too much for your energy.

Why pay more?

Gas and Electricity is the same wherever you get it from!

Let’s be honest, there is nothing fun or sexy about gas and electricity. There is no different flavour, quality or style when it comes to energy.

The electricity you get from British Gas is not going to make your lights shine any brighter.

Gas from Eon isn’t going to warm up your soup any quicker.

So why do many of us pay a premium for this?

It makes absolutely no sense!


So much choice?

With over 50 energy suppliers to choose from, there really is no excuse to be still paying too much for your energy. Gone are the darkened days of a nationalised energy market, when you had to have your gas from British Gas and your electricity from the ‘Leccy board’.

Opening the market up and increasing competition means that you have the choice to pay less for your energy.

Who to choose?

We often hear people say; Ah, what’s the point? - they’re all the same, I can’t be bothered to switch supplier’.

The point is, there are some people in the country who are paying up to £700 more every year for exactly the same quantity and quality of gas and electricity and in many cases with poor levels of customer service.

At best, this is morally wrong, at worst it’s a rip-off.

Your friends, parents, grandparents, auntie, uncle, next door-neighbour could all be paying too much for their energy.

So how much could you save by switching your energy supply to Outfox the Market?

Since our launch we are proud to have helped tens of thousands of customers make fantastic savings on their energy bills.

We have a team of pricing analysts who spend their days creating tariffs that are designed to cut bills. Whether you use lots of energy, not a lot, or are pretty average, Outfox the Market’s tariffs are here to help everyone.

Click on the images below to see our price compared with some other suppliers.

Keeping Costs Low

We often get asked how we can afford to keep our prices so competitive.

We Don't Pay Price Comparison Websites

A lot of energy companies have agreements with price comparison websites to attract customers. While there is nothing wrong with this, (and it is something we may consider in the future) - energy suppliers pay a commission to these websites which means they have to add this to their tariff. Ultimately, the customer ends up paying for this.

At Outfox the Market, we don’t pay any commission and can therefore pass the savings back on to our customers in the form of cheaper tariffs.

Show me the money!

Avoiding Referral Schemes

A number of suppliers have used referral schemes to great success. Some offer as much as £100 if you convince a friend to switch to the same supplier. Similar to paying commission, the companies who offer this cannot offer the prices we do as they have to recoup some of the money they are literally giving away to get you to join. You’ll find that most suppliers who offer referral schemes are on average, at least £50 more expensive than Outfox the Market.

Will these companies be able to sustain these kind-of-tactics? From a business perspective, these suppliers are making a loss for every customer they attract. With so many suppliers ceasing business in recent years, only time will tell to see if this method of acquiring customers and making it a success can work.

So here we are! We don't like to brag but we can save you significant amounts of money on your energy. We're over £350 cheaper than the government price cap. So remember, it's time to start paying less for your energy.

You can check our figures by visiting Uswitch - (Make sure you click the full market option not just the suppliers they can switch you too).

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer soon and saving you money.

PS tell your friends.