Outfox the Market in the media – March & April 2019

20 Apr 2019

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Following the recent energy price cap increase, with all of the big six energy supplier subsequently increasing their prices by 10% to match it, we DROPPED our prices on our ZAPP and BLAST tariffs, making us the cheapest energy supplier in the UK.

Millions of householders have been negatively affected by the price hike and we are proud to say we are one of the suppliers making a positive difference by lowering our prices.

It is urban myth that wholesale energy costs have increased in recent weeks. In fact, they have actually dropped, giving us the opportunity to extend the saving to our customers.


Trusted consumer champions, Which?, recently featured Outfox the Market in their, “Top five cheapest energy deals for April 2019,” article.

In fact, we came in at both the number 1 and number 2 spot, beating the likes of Utility Point and Yorkshire Energy to the post.

Their calculation was based on a dual-fuel tariff available in all regions of England, Scotland and Wales paying a monthly direct debit.


We were also recently featured in an article on inews.co.uk, following the energy price cap increase on April 1st.

inews wrote, “The cheapest dual-fuel deal on the market is from Outfox the Market, coming in at £925 a year for a medium user …”

The Times

Long running newspaper, The Times, recently posted an article about the energy price increases that will affect millions of households throughout the UK.

In their article, The Times wrote, “Outfox the Market, a green energy supplier that offers 100 per cent wind electricity, has an average tariff of £892 a year for dual fuel on a variable rate …”


Price comparison website, Energylinx, recently posted an article on their news page regarding the energy bill price hikes on April 1st.

They listed us as one of the few energy suppliers who chose to lower their prices in light of the new price cap.

They also mentioned in their article that all of the big six energy suppliers put their prices up as the new price cap was introduced.


Popular tabloid newspaper, the Mirror, also posted an article on their website regarding the recent hikes in energy prices.

Simply but effectively, they wrote, “Outfox the Market offers the cheapest dual-fuel deal …” No frills, just facts.


Much like the Mirror, The Sun, popular tabloid newspaper, posted an article on their website about the price rises.

Their article reads, “The cheapest dual-fuel deal on the market is currently offered by Outfox the Market - coming in at £925 a year for a medium user.”

They then went on to write, “The difference between the best deal on the market today and the new price cap is £362, according to uSwitch.”

In light of the new, increased energy price cap, what are Outfox the Market doing to help?

Many suppliers use the cap as a target, rather than a cap. What we mean by this is instead of trying as hard as possible to keep their energy costs less than the cap, they use the cap as an excuse to charge as much as they possibly can without exceeding it.

Here at Outfox the Market, we make sure we are way below the maximum figure.

You could save money today by switching to Outfox the Market, so why not do it now? We handle the technical side for you, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy those extra pounds you save.

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