A Warm Welcome to Customers of Foxglove and Economy 7!

19 Jul 2020

It’s no big secret that Outfox the Market shares a stable with two other energy brands. Foxglove Energy and Economy 7 Energy.

We all supply energy (including 100% renewable wind electricity) under the energy license holder – Foxglove Energy Supply Limited – not to be mistaken with Foxglove Energy. Confused yet? Maybe and we probably wouldn’t blame you…and that is one of the reasons we have decided to rebrand both Foxglove and Economy 7 as Outfox the Market.

A bit of foxy history…

We launched our first energy brand back in the winter of 2017. Fischer Energy (which rebranded as Foxglove Energy in March 2019) was our first foray into the wonderful world of energy. We wanted to make energy fairer for everybody and couldn’t understand that people living next door to each other could pay vastly different sums of money for the same amount of energy.


Enter stage left - The ‘One Fair Tariff’ – everybody in the same region paid the same unit price and standing charge for their energy. You can’t say fairer than that. (Since then a few other companies have borrowed our idea, but as they say, impersonation is the highest form of flattery so we can’t really complain).

Fischer/Foxglove was aimed at customers who liked a more traditional approach to energy. A slightly ‘more experienced’ demographic one could politely say, who expected paper bills and the option to pay when the bill arrived and not necessarily by the more modern Direct Debit.

Things ticked along nicely with Fischer/Foxglove but never one to rest on our laurels, we thought it time to appeal to a different set of energy users…


And now for something completely different…

September 2018 saw the birth of Outfox the Market - In a flash of bright and bold colour, and comic-inspired graphics, we introduced to the world a friendly neighbourhood fox who offered customers wholesale priced energy in return for a monthly membership fee. We asked customers to manage their account online and pay only by Direct Debit. Sounds good right? Indeed! Customers began to flood to Outfox the Market and were soon managing to save fantastic amounts of money on their energy.

Whilst we have become a touch more sedate in our branding and replaced the membership fee with the more traditional standing charge - Outfox the Market still offers some of the best prices in the UK and even more importantly, provides excellent customer service.


What do you do if you have two energy brands?

That’s right – Start a 3rd energy brand!

The economy 7 tariff has been around since the olden days of nationalisation and many customers still opt for a cheaper rate at night. We wanted to provide a service specifically for these customers and just before Christmas of 2017 launched the impeccably named – Economy 7 Energy. Again, customers benefitted from some of the cheapest night and day rates in the country.


Fast-forward to 2020!

Now we’ve bought you up to date, the future will be solely focused on our favourite brand. Outfox the Market will welcome Foxglove and Economy 7 customers into its furry embrace with all customers transferring across by Mid-August.

Nothing really changes.

Customers needn’t worry. Having just one brand will help us focus on providing the best prices and customer service for everyone. Customer’s account login details will stay the same, opening hours stay the same and even telephone numbers will be staying the same.

The only really tangible difference will be the colour of customers' monthly statements. Which will of course be blue.


We have written to all customers and provided plenty of notice and extra detail (not fit for a blog) - which hopefully should alleviate any fears.

Whilst we will always look back fondly on the days of Fischer/Foxglove and Economy 7 Energy, we have big plans for Outfox the Market and we look forward to having you with us for many years to come.