Here at Outfox the Market, we are all about clean energy. All of our electricity is generated in UK wind farms and is 100% renewable. This helps to save our planet from climate change.

Human behaviour is the main contributing factor to the climate change issues we face and simple adjustments to our daily habits can make a big difference.

Recycling your waste is just one thing you can do to help. Landfill and sea pollution are affecting not only our wildlife, but our quality of living too.

Here are 13 reasons for you to recycle your waste and in turn, help our planet live for as long as it can.

  1. Reduce landfill
    Landfill sites are unsightly, don’t smell particularly nice and give out huge levels of methane. Methane traps warmth in our atmosphere and contributes to our every rising temperatures. 2016 was the warmest year on record and a majority of the world’s temperature increase has come in the last 35 years.

  2. Reduces carbon emissions
    Waste that is not recycled may be combusted, giving out lots of carbon dioxide. Much like methane, carbon dioxide traps warmth and increases the earth’s temperature, contributing to rising sea levels and retracting glaciers. By recycling, you help reduce carbon emissions.

  3. Changing the culture
    If one of us changes our ways and starts to recycle, naturally, others will follow. People often say that changing their ways will make no difference, but what if it influences 2 other people to start recycling, who then influence 2 more people? Changing the culture is an organic way of changing people’s mind-sets.

  4. Help prevent deforestation
    Recycling materials to be used in the production of new materials and products means we need to cut down less trees to make the same items. By doing so, we prevent deforestation and save the lives of monkeys, chimpanzees and other forest dwelling animals.

  5. Create more jobs in the industry
    The more waste we recycle, the more recycling plants we require. This creates more jobs for local people. This will help boost the economy and lower unemployment rates.

  6. Make money – sell your recyclable waste
    Materials such as polystyrene and cardboard can be worth big money in large quantities. A mill sized bale of cardboard, made with a special machine which compacts the cardboard in to a block, can be worth as much as £70 per bale. The cardboard is then used to make new materials and products. A win-win for everyone.

  7. Save wildlife
    With rising sea levels and melting ice caps, a number of species are affected. Not to mention, forest animals losing their homes to deforestation and sea life being hurt by the acidity of the oceans. By changing our ways and recycling, we can help prevent all of the above. Each change has a knock on effect and does more than just segregate our waste.

  8. Improves soil quality – landfill damages it
    A large amount of the waste in landfill sites is dirty, dangerous and harmful to our environment. The chemicals and gases the waste releases contaminate soil in both the landfill and surround areas, affecting the growth of vegetation and food.

  9. Help our sea life
    More carbon dioxide in the ocean puts shelled animals at risk. When carbon dioxide dissolves in the ocean, it forms an acid. This can cause reproductive disorders in some fish and affect shell growth in a number of marine animals. The pH levels of our oceans are changing and projections show that “by the end of this century, continued emissions could reduce ocean pH by 0.5 units. The lower the pH level, the more acidic the ocean becomes.

  10. Save energy – power required to process raw materials
    When we manufacture a product using raw materials, we require a lot of energy. Using recycled materials, we used a lot less power. This means we can use this energy for other, more beneficial things.

  11. Keep the earth’s temperature down
    As mentioned previously, the methane and carbon dioxide gases that landfill sites give out are causing the earth’s temperature to rise. This is causing a number of problems around the world including the melting of the ice caps we are currently experiencing.

  12. Increase property value – less landfills putting off people
    Nobody wants to live next to a pile of stinky, horrible garbage and landfill sites are no different. Living by a landfill site, with all the heavy traffic and horrible smell, only lowers property value. By completely removing landfill sites, you no longer have to worry about that when selling your house and it will drive up the property value.

  13. Legal requirement
    Under the EU, the UK has a target to meet in terms of recycling. This target must be achieved by 2020. Unlike other countries, such as Sweden who buy waste to recycle as they have run out of their own, we still send tonnes of waste per year to landfill. Things are on the up, but we are still far away from where we need to be as a nation.