Yule love these festive energy saving tips!

28 Oct 2019

How to save energy this Christmas

The festive season is rapidly approaching and with many of us planning on looking forward to keeping all snug and cosy at home, it can be easy to allow energy use to soar to the heights of Santa’s sleigh. Whilst Christmas is of course, the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be a very expensive period for a lot of families. Hearty feasts demand extra oven use, decorating the tree with bright and beautiful lights can add to electricity consumption and with extra family members visiting for a few days the need for hot water appears as endless as the after- dinner washing up.

But fear not, here at Outfox the Market, our gift to you this year is some top energy-saving tips to ensure you can still relax and enjoy all your Christmas family traditions without the worry of any extra energy costs the New Year might bring in.


Switch to energy saving LED Christmas lights.

Everyone loves to see the Christmas tree standing proudly in a glorious glow of festive light. But using traditional bulbs may cast some gloom when you realise that energy saving LED lights use 90% less electricity. Highly efficient and still as effective decoratively, LED lights are also durable so you can safely wrap them up and put in a box ready for next year.

Use your guests as a heat source! – Turn down the thermostat.

Utilise the seasonal visits of family and friends for your heating needs by using the extra bodies for added warmth. Turn down the thermostat by a degree or two, and annually, you can save up to £90 per 1⁰C. No-one will notice the difference and it’s a great excuse to show-off your favourite Christmas jumper. If there are any complaints just pour them another glass of sherry and they’ll soon warm up.

Bake in batches.

We spend a lot of-the-time in the kitchen at Christmas creating delicious dinners and tantalising treats. Make your baking as efficient as possible by cooking several dishes at once. It takes the same amount of energy to heat a full oven as it does a half-empty one. So plan your culinary creations wisely and the food will taste far better knowing you’re cutting costs at the same time.

Other simple ways to save energy in the kitchen include; keeping lids on pans to reduce heat loss, defrosting food overnight to avoid having to use the microwave and allowing warm food to cool down before popping in the fridge.

Don’t standby! Keep energy costs down.

Hands up! Most of us are guilty of forgetting to turn off the TV, tablets and games consoles properly. But, it’s worth knowing that if we did we would save £30 a year. At Christmas it is even more important to get into good switching-off habits. According to the Energy Saving Trust the UK spend £1 million just on Christmas day to watch the TV - Enough to power up-to 33,000 televisions for the rest of the year.

Use the Christmas tree for the room light.

We only get to enjoy the twinkling boughs and branches of the tree once a year so it makes sense to experience it at its best. Turning of the main room lights will keep costs low and you’ll also feel extra festive. Just make sure to remember to switch off at bedtime or set a timer for complete peace of mind.

Go on holiday

An empty house will certainly keep your energy costs down this Christmas but make sure you reduce the chances of burst water pipes while you’re away by keeping the central heating on. A constant temperature between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius should do the trick in the event of any wintry cold-snaps.

We know it’s a hectic time of the year. The shopping needs to be done, presents to wrap, calming down the kids, entertaining guests, making-the-dinner and everything else that goes with it. There’s not much time to think about anything else. However, if you can introduce these simple tips into your festive routine, we’re confident you will begin the New Year with a contented smile and without an increased energy bill.

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Switch and Save For Christmas!

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Ok, switching energy supplier may not have any affect on how much energy you use, but while you're at it - you may as well pay less for the same amount of energy. It only takes 21 days to switch and with the big day fast approaching you'll be paying less before the final window on your advent calendar has been opened.