6 Tips to Banish Boredom In Self-Isolation

18 Mar 2020

In normal times, the chance for a few days off work, snuggling on the sofa and generally lounging about is something we’d usually jump at.

But, in these strange and worrying times, it doesn’t take long for the walls to soon start creeping in.


If you’re at home with the kids, the house is probably starting to feel smaller and smaller and with schools closing on Friday, you’d be forgiven for thinking how you’re going to cope over the next few weeks.

But before you reach for the gin (Best to wait until at least 5pm) We have worked out a plan to banish the boredom.

We’ve pulled together six top tips to keep the whole family occupied during this horrible time.


Binge on Netflix.

Whilst we may not feel particularly lucky at the moment. Just imagine if this was happening 10-years ago. The only TV respite would come in the form of 4 channels. Countdown, Crossroads and Casualty just wouldn’t do cut it these days.

Thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney et al…choice is not something we have to worry about.

There’s loads of family films to enjoy. New to Netflix this week is the Incredibles 2, The Adventures of Tin Tin and Mary Poppins the Return.

Once you’ve packed the children off to bed, settle down for something more adult. ‘Power’, ‘Vikings’ and ‘Mr Mercedes’ will all get your blood racing.

AVOID: ‘Pandemic,’ ‘Outbreak,’ or Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’. Trust us on this one.


Bored/Board Games

Turn the telly off for a bit and embrace your inner child. You can’t beat a good old-fashioned board game to boost the family bond. Cluedo, Twister, Yahtzee will while the hours away before you know it.

AVOID: Monopoly. – Research suggests that Monopoly causes more family fights than any other game. So much so, that a special helpline was launched offering mediation to bickering families.


Read a Book

Over 51% of us read a book last year. That means that nearly half the population are missing out on this magical form of entertainment. Reading is good for both your mental and physical health and reading with children is even better. It develops their vocabulary and imagination and even helps them sleep better.

AVOID: The Last Town on Earth by Thomas Mullen. (Scary)


Bake a Cake.

Baking at home is actually meditative. So, if you are feeling (understandably) anxious and stressed, whipping up a quick Victoria Sponge or Spotted Dick will help calm you down. It’s something everyone can get involved in and the best bit is you get to stuff your face with sumptuous sweetness after all the hard work.

AVOID: Licking the bowl.



You’ve been putting off fixing that leaking tap and avoided putting the knob back on that drawer for months now. With all this extra time at your disposal, there are no excuses left.

Avoid: Over-egging the pudding. Leave structural changes and re-wiring your entire home to the professionals. Know your limits.



We all know the benefits exercise bring with it. When you’re stuck at home all day, getting in 30 minutes or so of fitness will do you the world of good. There are loads of great apps you can install that will give you a great workout without the need for equipment. Pilates, yoga, planking, lunges, squats, press-up’s will all work up a sweat and engage those endorphins. Great for your mental health too.

Avoid: Bench pressing the dog.

However, you get through these next few weeks or months, we hope you and your loved ones all stay safe.

Is it time for that gin yet...?