Why Choose A Green Energy Supplier?

25 Jan 2020


Were you aware that approximately 11 million UK households are paying for their gas and electricity on expensive standard tariffs, often equating to paying hundreds of pounds more than necessary? Did you also know that 61% of people say they have never, or only once, switched energy supplier?

Here at Outfox the Market, we put people first and provide cheaper tariffs with our 100% renewable, clean wind electricity from our offshore wind farms. We believe in encouraging people to find the best energy tariff available for them.

We’ve put together the benefits of switching to a green energy supplier to make sure you’re paying a fair amount for the energy that you use.

Benefits of switching

Most people understand that switching energy suppliers can be a great way to save money but either due to a lack of time or understanding, choose to stay on an expensive default tariff. Switching suppliers presents many benefits and here are some of the biggest:

Save hundreds of pounds per year

This is not an exaggeration! Switching to a new tariff could save you up to £350 a year. Switching is still by far the most effective way to save money on your home energy bills.

In just one month in 2018, over 630,000 people switched to a new energy provider and over 40% moved away from a large supplier to a smaller energy company. Switching away from the Bix Six to an alternative provider like Outfox the Market can mean huge savings, so it’s always worth getting a quote to check how much you could save.


More control over your energy bills

Switching suppliers is a great opportunity to get a better handle on your own finances, understanding your energy payments to make sure you are getting the best deal for you. Here at Outfox the Market, we take a Direct Debit in advance which helps us keep our costs down and means we can buy you gas and electricity in advance. We then pass these savings back to our members with incredibly low prices. Plus, our bills are easy to read and help you to understand what it is you’re paying for.

Better customer service

Other than expensive tariffs, poor customer service is one of the main reason’s customers choose to switch away from their old supplier. This is often the case for people who have been treated poorly and are looking for a new provider that offers a better customer experience. Outfox the Market is proud to deliver high quality customer service that puts people first which results in consistent positive ratings on our review sites. Have a look by clicking here.

Can I reduce my carbon footprint by switching to a green supplier?


We are proud to partner with Ørsted – a global leader in offshore wind. Headquartered in Denmark, the company has invested a whopping £8 billion building eleven wind farms right here in the UK! A further £4 billion spend is planned by 2020.

Ørsted is committed to ensuring sustainable growth and development and this is a vision that both companies share.

Here at Outfox the Market, we can guarantee that the energy we buy on your behalf has a direct and positive impact within the United Kingdom.

The electricity purchased from Ørsted has a significant impact on the reduction of UK CO2 emissions. It also helps boost the local economy and provides hundreds of jobs in the communities where wind farms are closely situated.

By choosing Outfox the Market you are helping make the vision of a world run entirely on green and clean energy a reality.

Being supplied by our company means you are preventing over 1.1 tonnes of carbon emissions from fossil fuels entering the atmosphere every year.

As Greta Thunberg says, “we are living in the beginning of a mass extinction and our climate is breaking down, but we can still fix this – you can still fix this.”

If you haven’t switched to a renewable supplier yet – you must act now.