FAQs about emergencies and personal safety

Who should I call in a power cut?

If you have a power cut, just dial 105 and this will get you through to your local power distributer who are responsible for connecting your homes with the national grid. They will be able to let you know how long you are likely to be without power and are responsible for getting it backing on.

You can find out who your local distributer is at www.powercut105.comElectricity Network Distributors

I can smell gas! What should I do?

If you think there may be a gas leak, first step is to make sure your safe. Turn off the gas at the meter and call the National Gas Service Emergency Line – 0800 111 999.


  • Smoke
  • Light matches
  • Turn lights on or anything electrical on or off. Also, refrain from using your mobile phone.


  • Open all doors and windows
  • Turn off your gas supply at the meter and leave it switched off until you are advised by an expert.

  • Call 0800 111 999 and they will be able to help.

Do you have sales representatives?

We do not and will never have sales agents working door-to-door or approaching you in person.

If anybody knocks on your door claiming to be a representative, please turn them away and call us on

0800 103 2702 to verify their identity.

Is my personal information secure?

Please see our full privacy policy here> Privacy Policy