Outfox the Market - the cheapest energy supplier in the UK

17 May 2019

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Outfox the Market is officially the cheapest supplier in the UK. Despite what many suppliers may want you to believe - the price of wholesale energy has gone down in recent weeks. We promise our customers that the price you pay for your energy will always reflect the true cost of energy and we are proud to offer the two cheapest tariffs in the UK.

It is an ideal time to switch supplier - The energy price cap has just increased, leaving millions of people paying an extra 10% for their energy costs.

By switching to Outfox the Market you could save as much as £450. Just think what you could do with that extra money!

Switching suppliers could not be easier. It takes just two minutes to begin the process and we do most of the work for you.

We will contact your old supplier to let them know you're leaving. We'll sort out all the technical stuff behind the scenes. We will just need you to take a meter reading just before the switch date. This will ensure your final bill is accurate.

It takes about 21 days to complete a switch and once you're with us, you can sit back and enjoy spending less on your energy. There is absolutely nothing to lose!

So what are you waiting for? Get your quote here and see how much you can save.

If you're not already convinced, see our top 5 reasons to choose Outfox the Market:

  • The cheapest supplier in the UK
  • 100% renewable clean electricity - all produced in UK wind farms
  • The Best of British customer service
  • Instant Live Chat
  • Manage your account online and with no hassle

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